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We are a real estate agency in Trieste specialized in sales for foreign citizens. Trust professionals for your new home in Trieste.

A Growing Market

The real estate market in Trieste is growing for the third consecutive year, with a higher increase than the national average in Italy and more and more investments in the city's infrastructure

360° Degree Consulting

Our real estate agency works directly in the Trieste area: we have a vast network of professionals in various sectors to facilitate the sale and guarantee you the most from your new property

Professional Property Finding

We help you find the home of your dreams, on your terms and through our collaboration with other agencies in the area, the private ads market other real estate networks in Trieste

Post-Purchase Property Management

We’re on your side also after the deed: with our Property Management service, we take care of your property in Trieste and help you get the most out of your investment with minimum worries

A Modern Approach

Forget the old agencies that don't respond to emails or don't speak English: we will provide you with 360° support to make your home in Trieste your new favorite place.

Trieste Real Estate

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Why Should You Buy an Apartment in Trieste?

Recently the real estate market in Trieste has started to grow stronger than the national average, mainly because of an increase in popularity outside Italy and multiple foreign investments. From January 2017 to January 2022, the market rose by about 20 percent and was not too affected by the global crisis of 2022.


A two-room apartment in the semi-central area purchased for a total of 100,000 euros (including taxes, commissions and notary fees) can yield approximately a gross figure of 7,000-7,500 euros gross per year if rented with a multi-year contract. If rented for short periods to tourists, the same apartment would have yielded around 20,000 euros gross per year in 2022, also allowing the owner to use the apartment for holidays.

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